We make things easy for cave divers in the Lot... A high speed filling station for all your air, oxygen, nitrox and trimix... Some of the best food on the planet.... A wonderful place to put your head to rest... An array of adapted rental gear... All right smack in the middle of all the caves... So you get to explore this:
Accomodation, fills, food & drink
2023 EUR 96.50
2024 EUR 106,00


Gas filling and EAN32 surcharge
Oxygen EUR 0,016100
Helium EUR 0,068600


Equipment rental
2021/2022 EUR/unit/day
Scubamafia G3 18W LED Divelight EUR 17,50
D12 twinset EUR 15,--
S80 Luxfer stage EUR 10,--
S40 Luxfer stage EUR 7,50
S14 Luxfer argon tank EUR 7,50
V-weight EUR 2,50

Please contact us for equipment availability and rental, or if you will be using helium.

As of March 1st, 2017, all air will be charged as if it were nitrox 32%.

All applicable taxes (VAT of 10,0% and 20,0%) are included in the above tariffs.

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