We make things easy for cave divers in the Lot... A high speed filling station for all your air, oxygen, nitrox and trimix... Some of the best food on the planet.... A wonderful place to put your head to rest... An array of adapted rental gear... All right smack in the middle of all the caves... So you get to explore this:

rs03bxOur restaurant comfortably seats 16 people.

It is geared towards catering for all meals of the day: breakfast, lunch (packed to go) and dinner at night. Our professional kitchen equipment handles it with ease. We bake all bread ourselves, fresh, every day and where possible we use organic vegetables and locally produced products.

You'll enjoy classic French as well as international cuisine; a different menu every day geared to get your energy back up so you are ready for the next dives!

Dinner comprises three courses: starter, main and desert and all drinks are included.

We are also fully geared towards dealing with specific wishes: vegetarian alternatives, food allergies and so on. Please contact us if you have specific dietary requirements!

As the purpose of our restaurant is providing nourishment for physically active people, we make sure nobody leaves the table with a stomach that is not filled properly: we provide you with the healthy calories to go cave diving day after day.

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